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Do personal trainers work?

46 women, strength training in a health club were split into two groups. Half of the women trained with a personal trainer and the other half worked out on their own. The study by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research was for a period of 3 months.

Those that worked out with a personal trainer selected higher weights on the leg press, chest press, seated row and leg extension. Improving strength and the potential of greater bone density at a quicker rate than those working out on their own. In addition the women who worked out with a personal trainer used a greater variety of gym equipment, which made them less likely to become bored with their training routine. These women also depended on their trainer for resistance training information. A well-qualified trainer will give proper safe and effective advice and not what could be unreliable information sourced from TV, magazines and well-meaning friends and relatives.

The conclusion was that a good personal trainer achieved their client’s goals more quickly and safely. The client relied on them for information and advice and where more likely to stick with their routines because they were encouraged to be more adventurous with different types of equipment.

Fitness Options Advice:
Personal trainers do work. Just make sure you they are qualified, experienced and provide proper insurance cover.