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Getting that ’six pack’

There is still no better way to strengthen and tone your stomach muscles than the basic sit up, whether you use one of the latest ab machines or by simply doing it the old fashioned way of someone holding your feet while you crunch.

However do not expect instant results and keep in mind that fat must be burned away before you can attain a flatter tummy and toned muscles that stand out. People with “spare tires” and “love handles” need to combine their ab workouts with a fat and calorie burning aerobic regimen or cardiovascular exercise equipment such as a treadmill or elliptical machine

The washboard stomach can be available to everyone but it doesn’t come easy and the more fat you are carrying around your waist the longer the haul. But don’t give up, for as well as achieving that great look you will also be lengthening your life, as fat around the middle also congregates around the heart. Get rid of your belly and you will have a healthier heart.

Equipment That Can Help You Get A Flatter Stomach.
- Ab Rollers
- Roman Chair
- Sit Up Board
- Door Sit Up Bar
- Exercise Wheel