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Amazing facts about you

  1. The heart pumps 89 million gallons of blood during a lifetime. That would fill the petrol tanks of 10 million cars.
  2. The heart beats on average 70 beats per minute. That’s 4200 beats per hour. 100,800 beats per day. 36 million 792 thousand beats a year. That’s a staggering 2 billion 759 million 440 thousand beats in a 75 year lifetime.Now for an analogy.
    Lets take a new car which we will pamper and service every year and one would never dream of putting in the wrong fuel. Yet in it’s lifetime that car will do 375 million revolutions ( heart beats). Yet our heart which has to do 6 times as much work is often totally ignored, never given a run and fed rubbish. Makes you think.
  3. Messages travel along the nervous system at 185 mph.
  4. There are 639 muscles in your body. The largest is in the thigh and buttock and the smallest in the ea

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