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Bodybuilder and Golds Gym Don’t See Eye to Eye.

It all kicked off in Mumbai in India with bodybuilder Shashikant Hotkar, winner of the Mumbai Shree 2011 title, unceremoniously barred from entering the Golds Gym fitness training facility.

According to Hotkar he was banned because he is a professional bodybuilder.

He joined Golds Gym in June 2011 paying a large membership fee to be able to use the state of the art facilities that he says he needs to continue his bodybuilding success. However at the beginning of December he was asked to voluntary withdraw his membership but he refused. On his next visit he was actually stopped at the door and barred from entering the premises.

When he asked what this was all about he was told that he was ineligible because he was a professional bodybuilder. He was offered a refund and he promised not to frequent the gym but he wanted their reason for his ban in writing. Golds Gym refused.

He is now working out at his local gym but the facilities are not up to scratch. Not only don’t they have air conditioning, there isn’t even a treadmill. He feels this is going to considerably effect his chances of retaining his title next year.

Professional bodies such as the All India Bodybuilding Association and Maharashtra Fitness Trainers and Bodybuilders Association are dismayed at Golds Gyms attitude and have also asked for written notification of his disqualification but again Golds Gym refused.

However according to Althea Shah, vice president of marketing at Gold’s Gym, Shashikant Hotkar was not banned because he was a bodybuilder. He pointed out that they have many international and renowned bodybuilders working out at their gyms all over the world. Hotkar was banned because he was carrying out his own business as a personal trainer on their premises and only Golds Gym staff our allowed to train their members. He was also selling his own supplements on the premises which could considerably effect their own business prospects. Golds say they have evidence on CCTV but have refused to release it.

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