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Choosing the right fitness equipment for the right environment

Not all fitness equipment is the same. In the UK fitness equipment is classified into three distinct categories, each designed to perform in specific environments.

These are:

  • Home Gym Fitness Equipment
  • Light Commercial Fitness Equipment
  • Full Commercial Fitness Equipment

Home Fitness Equipment
This is exactly what it says. This is fitness equipment that has been designed and built to be used only in the home by an individual or a family. Fitness equipment for a home gym often comes with a longer warranty than those offered in the other categories. This is because there is less chance of the equipment being abused or misused.

Light Commercial Fitness Equipment.
This is equipment that is built more ruggedly than home fitness equipment and therefore can take more punishment. This market is called the vertical market in the US as it fits in between home fitness equipment and the full commercial units. This fitness equipment is ideal for Hospitals, Prisons, Fire and Police Stations, small Hotels, Personal Trainers, Schools and Rehab facilities. Any where were the fitness equipment is used for a limited number of hours or were the users are supervised. This is reflected in the manufacturers warranties that offer limited cover of between 3-10 hours of use per day, dependent on the environment and the manufacturer.

Full Commercial Fitness Equipment.
Commercial gym equipment is designed for any environment, whether a home, hospital or a full commercial health club with 2000 members. The warranty will cover the fitness equipment for 24 hours of use per day.

If you are given the responsibility of buying fitness equipment, make sure you understand what it is designed for and what the warranties cover. A little extra spent at purchase could save you a great deal of hassle later.

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