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Elliptical crosstrainers – a very popular machine

The first elliptical cross trainer was designed and built by Precor in the mid 1990’s and offered a new form of lower body workout.

The idea was revolutionary and provided a better way to achieve a cardiovascular workout. What made it special was that it soon became the best machine to deliver a non-impact training session. It also suits all fitness levels, from beginner to elite athlete.

The idea behind and elliptical trainer is that the foot follows the movement of walking or running, but without the floor underneath the foot to halt that natural flow. This eliminates the impact caused by the ground and allows the best part of the exercise to continue: the cardiovascular training. They are also very safe because the elliptical stops when you do. Finally, the elliptical still produces a weight bearing exercise and this helps build bone density.

As thing progressed the elliptical received handrails linked to the footplates which then provided a total body workout. This now allows the user to push and pull against the bars producing an excellent all round exercise.

Since the 90’s every manufacturer has bought out their own version including,

The number of elliptical cross trainers now in the market place for both fitness equipment in your home gym and in commercial gym premises is more than 12 million and counting.