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Exercise bikes & weight loss

In our teens we take our slim, trim bodies for granted, in our twenties we begin to thicken out a little and by our thirties the love handles appear. It happens to us all, but exercise can delay this or get rid of it if it has already happened.

One of the easiest forms of exercise to take up is the stationery bike. Exercise bikes are still one of the most popular forms of exercise; they are natural in their function and familiar to us all because as kids we all rode them. They are not dictated to by the weather and they can be used when the fancy takes you.

Most of us are aware of the some of the benefits of bike riding, toned leg and buttock muscles and stronger heart. But it is also great for consuming calories. An hour of moderate stationery biking will consume about 500-600 calories for most people. Do an hour a day five days a week and you will use 2500-3000 calories. If you combine this with a healthy eating plan and the fat will melt away in no time at all. In weeks friends will notice the difference and so will you. Among the most pleasing words on the planet are: “You’re losing weight, aren’t you?”

Stationary bikes will help you enjoy a sharper, healthier and happier life. Regardless of your age, it is never too late to consider a bike for losing those unwanted pounds.

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