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How to help stop your employees from getting fatter

Obesity is a big problem in the U.K, which is affecting the British worker in a number of ways. Workers with strenuous jobs are finding harder to carry out their work efficiently. Disabilities and illness such as inflamed joints, diabetes and heart disease is on the increase.

The problem is down to unhealthy lifestyles, including poor eating habits and lack of exercise and experts believe this trend will continue preventing people from working through to retirement age, with many dying or becoming ill before they reach the age of 65.

Some employers are trying to accommodate partially disabled workers by allowing them to work from home or work shorter hours but this does not tackle the real problem.

However farsighted employers are fighting the battle on the front line by investing time and money to keep their employees healthy and so preventing the onset of obesity in the first place by installing on site fitness facilities.

Typically, companies install in-house gyms with the sole purpose of saving them money in the long term by cutting down absenteeism, which has proved to be so, but its been proved that a healthy employee is also more productive. Basically they achieve a double whammy.

Where some companies go wrong however, is not using initiatives to encourage their employees to use the facilities they have installed.

One way could be to select a number of teams of men and women, have a weigh in and the team who loses the most weight between them say over a period of 12 weeks wins a cash prize. This way no one is working out alone and the slackers will have the rest egging them on, particularly if the prize is within their grasp.

Another way is to employ a personal trainer who will do one to one classes, helping an individual to work out properly and also advising them on diet and healthy living.

This may at first all seem a bit costly to an employer, but it has been proved in the US were such incentives have been implemented to reward the company four fold. For every dollar they have spent on fitness they have saved 4 dollars in other areas.

Not every employee will achieve their goal, not every employer will make those kind of savings, but if a company has a strong and healthy work force, no one will loose out long term.

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