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Landice Treadmills – have you heard of them?

If you were asked to identify a well-known fitness equipment brand in the UK you would probably say York, Reebok or Life Fitness.

Landice certainly wouldn’t be a name that would automatically slips off the tongue.

However in America if you asked the same question Landice would probably be at the top of the list.
The New Jersey based manufacturer Landice Treadmills Inc entered the fitness industry in 1967 and has been making high quality treadmills for over 40 years. In the USA they are known as the father of the treadmill industry and still receive the highest ratings in most of the consumer and professional reviews. In fact Runners World one of the most respected magazines, voted it the worlds best buy treadmill in 2004 and continued to vote it number one for the next five years.
Now they are available in the UK, through select dealers and we are proud to be one of them.
But what is it that makes these treadmills different?
First they are the only treadmills in the world that has a frame made from aluminium. This makes them strong; they have a 36 stone user weight, yet light compared to similar size treadmills and being rust proof, ideal for putting at the side of swimming pools. The motor is a whopping 4HP and the elevation motor has a 1000lb thrust, 33% more than its nearest rival. Add a 4-ply treadmill belt, double the thickness of any competitor and a cushioning system five times softer than grass and you have a treadmill like no other.
If you are the type of person who just wants to get on and go then you can choose the basic console from the four available. As you go up the console range you get that bit more until you get the all singing all dancing computer graphic programmes.
Finally 98.4% of the treadmill is made in the USA using parts made in the USA.
However all this comes at a price. Landice treadmills start at £4299 inc VAT.
But there is no doubt that this company has perfected the concept of treadmill design by keeping their focus narrow. Until a year ago they only made treadmills (they now do crosstrainers) and they make them better than any other company around, You pay a price for this kind of quality, but the company makes it a pleasure to do so.