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Steroids – are they worth the risk?

If you have decided to become a professional body builder I doubt you will be able to achieve a winning physique without taking steroids. Steroids will give you a level of muscle mass and strength, beyond that of natural training. However are you prepared to take the risks associated with such a drug?

Before you go out and get ‘juiced up’ you should no what side effects are associated with anabolic steroids.

When you take steroids either by injection or orally your natural testosterone levels shutdown. That is because your body sees all this additional testosterone flooding in and naturally shuts down its own production so as not to overload the body. The major side effect of this is that your testicles shrink. They also increase the production of your oil glands leading to severe acne. Some of the high-powered steroids can convert testosterone in to the female hormone estrogen and this can result in you developing gynecomastia or man boobs. Put another way you grow female breasts.

They are just a few of the physical side effects but there are also mental and physiological side effects. Steroids can cause an increase in aggression and this even has its own name, ‘roid rage’. You can also get addictive to steroids because when you are on them you have this amazing strength and physique but once you come of them you ‘crash’.
Suddenly loosing this size that you have been complimented on so often can force you to go back on the ‘juice’ and eventually you get into a vicious cycle. However one of the worst side effects is depression due to the lows that always follows the highs.

So, are steroids worth the risk? Only you can make that decision but armed with the facts I would definitely advise against them and when you show of your great looking body on the beach you will know that it is all natural and has been achieved with hard work, discipline and determination!

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