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Sticking with it

How to make exercise part of your life.

Doing an exercise is easy – doing it regularly is not.
How many times have you heard someone say “ I would love to exercise but I just don’t have the time” This is the excuse most people use but what they do not realise is that everyone who does exercise has had to make the time. You may be able get round this by being resourceful and combining exercise with a normal daily routine such as walking or cycling to work instead of taking the car. Or you may need to be ruthless by sacrificing a favourite pastime for sit-ups. Try exercising at different times, when you think you will most enjoy it and if that does not work try exercising when you think you will least enjoy it. This could surprise you.

Getting up early and working out before breakfast may not sound like fun but it could make you feel far more energetic throughout the day. Having a nap after a day’s work may seem inviting but exercising then is the ideal way to recharge you batteries. Try being inventive. Instead of just watching TV while pedalling your exercise bikes, why not put a map on the wall with a pin that shows how far you have travelled during each session. To give yourself the best chance of sticking with it pick an exercise that appeals to you and one that you will enjoy. This is a much better way than doing an exercise, which is in vogue, trendy or being touted by some celebrity.

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