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Who is healthier, the fat and fit or the skinny coach potato?

To lose weight we are advised to go on a diet and take plenty of exercise and no one can disagree that this is the best thing we can do.

However for many overweight and obese people trying to do just one of these things can be very difficult. Overweight people like food and restricting its intake when they go on a diet can be purgatory. The thought of exercise when you get out of breath climbing stairs can also be daunting. So no wonder many people pack up before they reach the point where they begin to feel the benefits.

However the finding of a study group of 62 obese women carried out by Leeds Metropolitan University showed that exercise greatly improved the wellbeing of these women. Instead of being told to count calories and stop eating specific foods, the women were told to take smaller portion sizes and stop eating when they were full. They also had to take gentle exercise for four hours a week

At the end of the trial their blood pressure and cholesterol fell although their weight had fallen very little. The fall in blood pressure and cholesterol is very important as it cuts the women’s risk of heart attacks and stokes.

If you are skinny but a couch potato with high blood pressure and cholesterol you would probably be at greater risk of the dangers associated with these ailments than the women on the study.

This is not the first study to show that fit but overweight women are at less risk of heart problems than those who are normal weight but unfit.

So the researches conclude that it may be better to worry less about losing weight and the amount of food you eat and concentrate more on exercise.

With this kind of mindset more overweight people are more likely to take up exercise. When they do and they begin to feel better in themselves then cutting back on the food would be the natural progression. After that weight loss will definitely follow.