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Force USA Monster G12 Home/Commerical Counter Balanced Smith Machine Gym With 2x Weight Stacks

Its 8 Commerical Machines in One

The Force G12 is the ultimate Force USA Monster machine. The Force G12 offers a beautifully weighted balanced Smith Machine, a heavy duty power rack and an array of functions and features that will provide over 300 different exercises. It is seven machines in one and you have to see this machine to appreciate its build quality and versatility. We have a Force USA G12 on display in our showroom and this is the only one on display in the UK at present.

This is what you get for your money.

Counterbalanced Smith Machine

What is a counterbalanced Smith Machine? The heavy Olympic bar is connected by cables and pulleys to two heavy weights that slide inside the rear frame. These weights counter the weight of the bar, allowing you to position the bar with your finger tips. It also means you lift the true weight of the Olympic plates you put on the bar. In addition this allows for much lower starting weights. Being able to use lighter weights means that young adults, females and beginner weight trainers can easily use the Force G12 and the result is the ability to work smaller muscle groups. The commercial grade guide rails provide a frictionless movement and the safe lock and release mechanism along with safety catches allows you to max out the weight without the need of a training partner/spotter. The Smith Machine has a 360kg weight capacity but please note, the Force G12 will only accommodate Olympic Plates.

Vertical Leg Press

The Force G12 also comes with a unique and ingenious leg press feature as standard. This leg press consists of a solid metal plate that hooks over and pins to the Olympic Bar. Once in place you can do leg press and calf raise, either from the floor or bench.

Power Rack

If you want to take your training to the next level and the Smith Machine with its 360kg weight capacity is not enough then that is when the Force G12 Monster Power Rack with its 450kg weight capacity comes into play. Using a separate Olympic Bar you can load it with maximum weight with the security of J Hooks and Front Safeties. The J Hooks and Safeties have 50 different numbered adjustment points so you can always find the perfect starting position for your bar, no matter how tall or short you are. The J Hooks and Safeties have a polymer coating to cushion the bar and protect the barbells knurling.

Functional Trainer

The great advantage of a functional trainer is that it allows you to exercise the way the body naturally moves, so you can develop muscles that you use everyday as well as sport movements such as a golf or tennis swing and because the pulley uprights are 48” (122cm) apart you can also do cable crossovers. With the Force USA monster G12 you have a functional trainer with two selectorized 99.5kg weight stacks, with a one to one ratio that allows you to perform over 75 different exercises. The pulleys swivel through 180 degrees and have 22 height positions so that you can do a variety of exercise from numerous angles and heights. There isn’t a muscle that cannot be trained on the Force USA G12. Included with the G12 is a range of attachments that be used with the Functional Trainer including a straight bar, tricep rope, curl bar, lat bar and more. The cable movement is fluid due to its commercial grade pulleys.

Chin Up Station

Ergonomically designed multi-grip chin up and pull up station with a massive 55 stone (350kg) weight rating. Accommodates Classic Grip, Hammer Grip, Wide Grip, Narrow Grip, and Pronated Grip.

Dip Station

The Dipping Station adjusts vertically to any height position on the Power Rack frame.The multi grip dipping handles provides numerous options including the ability to accommodate weight belts or resistance bands.

T Bar Row Core Trainer

At the base of the frame you can attach a T-Bar Row and when used with the Force USA bent over row bar attachment.

Suspension Trainer

The Force USA G12 includes a suspension trainer stirrup which is compatible with resistance band packages that can be purchased separately from brands such as TRX and others.


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