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Hand Wraps, Skipping Ropes etc...
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Hand Wraps, Skipping Ropes etc...

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A Buyers Guide to Boxing Accessories

Boxing is a great way to achieve full body training. Nearly all muscle groups are activated and the heart/circulatory system is improved and strengthened. It also improves balance, coordination, reaction times and speed.

Boxing is fun and safe as long as you train and employ the right equipment and use it correctly.

Contrary to some, sports boxing equipment and boxing gear is very important if you want to achieve the correct technique and to continue to improve your speed and dexterity.

Floor to Ceiling Ball

A Floor to Ceiling Ball fasten to the floor and ceiling by two elastic straps. This moves the ball in all directions at speed allowing you to practice reaction skills and coordination. The fast movement of the ball simulate an imaginary opponent, whom you try to avoid by moving your upper body.

Boxing Accessories

Boxing accessories come in a multitude of products from skipping ropes for endurance training, gum shields for mouth protection and boxing wraps (hand wraps) that protect the hand, thumb and finger joints. Boxing wraps also absorb sweat from inside the boxing glove and lengthen the life of the boxing glove.