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Squat Stands, Spotters
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Squat Stands, Spotters

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Spotter Catchers

Spotter catchers is workout equipment designed for use with a bench press bench that has not already got barbell rests attached. So if you are a weight trainer that has bought a flat weight bench or a flat incline weight bench for the purpose of doing dumbbell exercises but now wish to do bench pressing with a barbell, a pair of spotter catches is the perfect piece of cheap gym equipment. They have adjustable bar catches that start at a height of 34cm and rise to 93cm so they are not designed for squatting, for that you need Squat Stands.

Squat Stands

Any weight trainer that wants to build their legs will not go wrong with a pair of squat stands. They adjust much higher than spotter catches so that you can stand in between them and lift the bar off them, to place on to your shoulders for the start of the squat exercise. After the exercise is over you replace the bar, making the exercise much safer.

Squat Rack

If you are looking for a piece of exercise equipment with a dual purpose a squat rack could be the perfect training aid. With a squat rack you can do both bench press work and squatting using a frame that is strong and ridged. Adjustable metal pegs are placed at the desired height to rest the barbell on.