Boxing Pads, Protectors

Boxing Pads, Protectors

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A Buyers Guide to Boxing Pads and Protector

Boxing is a great way to achieve full body training. Nearly all muscle groups are activated and the heart/circulatory system is improved and strengthened. It also improves balance, coordination, reaction times and speed.

Boxing is fun and safe as long as you train and employ the right equipment and use it correctly.

Contrary to some, sports boxing equipment and boxing gear is very important if you want to achieve the correct technique and to continue to improve your speed and dexterity.

Boxing Pads - Focus Mitts

Boxing pads, sometimes referred to as focus mitts are used for exercising with a partner. With your partner holding the boxing pads you punch the pad while your partner positions them at various heights and angles. The curved boxing pads adapt to the shape of the hand for a more comfortable fit and also the curve allows the punch to be 'caught' better.

Head Guards

Head guards offer head protection and are used in sparring and amateur boxing competitions. The thick foam padding protects the cheekbones and chin.

Abdominal Guards

Abdominal guards protect the groin from low blows.