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Fat Burners / Weight Loss

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Losing weight is not easy and will require a great deal of discipline, will power and planning. However there are now a range of weight loss supplements that can assist in reaching your goal. They are not wonder drugs and will not make you lose weight if you continue to sit on your bottom and eat large amounts of calories. But used along side an exercise routine they are now showing to improve the weight loss outcome.


There is still a lot of research going on but the ingredients used have been getting very positive results. One of the main ingredients used in weight loss supplements is Green Tea. Green Tea appears to help the body heat up, (thermogenic) in other words increase fat metabolism. Other ingredients act as appetite suppressants and one, white bean extract, decreases starch absorption, preventing high calorie carbs getting into your system.

The weight loss supplements that increase the metabolism are also called fat burners.

Which Fat Burner

Not all fat burners are created equal! Fat burners differ greatly in price due to their ingredients list. The simplest fat burners will contain things like L-Carnitine, L-Arginine, and L-Organine. These are amino acids normally found in protein which have been found to assist in the breakdown and utilisation of dietary fat (the fat you eat). Next up are the stimulant based fat burners. These aim to increase the speed at which your body works, thus increasing the daily calorie expenditure. The most effective (and, not unusually, the most expensive) are the thermogenic supplements. These actually tell your body to generate more heat and therefore use more calories even when you‘re resting. These are usually combined with all the other elements mentioned to give a three-pronged attack to the calorie burning process.

Weight loss supplements have come along way and the antidotal evidence has been very good.

The best supplements are those that use quality ingredients so be careful with very cheap bodybuilding supplements and cheap sport nutrition supplements.