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Buyers Guide to Standard Weight Training Bars and Olympic Weight Training Bars

There is no question that weight training has become tremendously popular. Men have always embraced it but now women have also realised its potential. Weight training is critical for almost every goal, from injury prevention and post rehabilitation to better sports performance and weight loss.

However to achieve success from any weight training programme you must choose the right equipment and use it properly. The cheapest way to get started is with a selection of weight training discs and weight training bars. This method of weight training is known as free weight training and is the preferred choice of bodybuilders and serious weight trainers.

Common Weight Training Bars Explained


This is a long straight bar. They can start at four foot (122cm) and go up to seven foot (213cm) in length. They are available in both standard and Olympic sizes. They can be used for a variety of exercises including bench press, shoulder press, arm curls and dead lifts.


These are short straight bars and usually used in pairs. They are available in both standard and Olympic sizes. Nearly every exercise in the book can be performed by all weight trainers with a pair of dumbbells.

Curl Bar:

Designed to do a particular job, to assist in targeting specific arm muscles. Its curly shape helps turn the wrist inwards so to help isolate the bicep muscle.

Tricep Bar:

Again designed for a purpose. This time the shape of the bar allows the weight trainer to grip the bar in such a way that it focuses on the tricep muscles.

All the bars above can be used with free weights where you slide your desired weight training discs on to the bar. Barbell, Dumbbell and Curl bars can also come with fixed weights were the discs are welded or already fixed onto the bar and you buy them complete. They can be finished in chrome, rubber or cast iron. These are usually sold as professional gym equipment but have become much more popular over the last few years as home gym equipment.