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Inspire Fitness Equipment

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Inspire Fitness Equipment in the UK

Inspire Fitness produces highly engineered fitness equipment for use around the world, Producing home & commercial equipment that covers everything from benches, squat racks, smith machines and cable pulley machines. Started in 2003 with the goal of producing fitness equipment that is built to last and built to innovate.

Inspire Fitness - Types of Equipment

Functional Trainers

With a range of functional trainers such as the FT2 and FT1, they have machines to match all needs. Any of the functional training machines are in our Nottingham store for you to try before you buy. As well as the functional trainers they also have a range of multi gyms. These include the M2 Multi Gym which has a unique press arm that offers both fixed pressing exercises as well as free motion movements.

Squat Racks and Smith Machines

The squat racks on offer provide a solid and versatile rack, with spotter arms and in built pull up bars. A strong squat rack is an essential part to any experienced gym goers home gym set up for strength training. For those who want the benefits of squatting but want extra support, Smith Machines are the perfect alternative. The Inspire Fitness Smith and Squat rack offers the benefits of a Smith Machine with the capabilities of free weights as well.

Inspire Benches

The FID Bench range is a key feature for any strength training program. Offering a versatile option for exercise including chest press, split squat, step ups, shoulder press... the list is almost endless. However, heres a quick guide for exercises that incorporate a bench.

Why Fitness Options

Fitness Options have a great stock of Inspire Fitness Equipment for you to try. We also offer a range of delivery options for your equipment.