Boxing Gloves, Mitts

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A Buyers Guide to Boxing Gloves and Boxing Mitts

Boxing is a great way to achieve full body training. Nearly all muscle groups are activated and the heart/circulatory system is improved and strengthened. It also improves balance, coordination, reaction times and speed.

Boxing is fun and safe as long as you train and employ the right equipment and use it correctly.

Contrary to some, sports boxing equipment and boxing gear is very important if you want to achieve the correct technique and to continue to improve your speed and dexterity.

Bag Mitts

These are thinner and lighter than normal boxing gloves and used for training on punchbags, boxing pads (focus mitts) and speedballs. The pre-shaped padding protects your knuckles from skin abrasions. They are not normally used for sparring against a partner.

Open Finger Gloves

Completely adequate for practicing punching techniques and also for holding and gripping your opponent, which are methods of fighting used in mix martial arts and self defense.

Sparring Gloves

Sparring means to exchange controlled blows with your opponent under reduced competition conditions. The sparring gloves are usually slightly more padded than both bag mitts and boxing gloves to reduce injury to you and your partner.

Boxing Gloves

Boxing gloves can be used in both sparring and competitive boxing. Often come in different weights from 8oz for professional and advanced fighters to 16oz for the less experienced. Not usually used for punch bag work.

Children's Boxing Gloves

Children's boxing gloves are designed so that children can have all the fun of boxing without causing their partner or themselves an injury. These children's boxing gloves have a dual purpose, they can be used for hitting against a punch bag as well as for sparring.