Strength Stations

Strength Stations

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Choosing the right Specific Strength Unit

There are times when you need one item of workout equipment to do a specific weight training exercise and these strength units are designed for just that.

Buying your Specific Strength Unit

1. Consider who will be using this specific strength unit and what their specific goals are

It is often the case that there will be more than one person in the family who will be using the exercise equipment. Discussing each person’s goals will help make sure that you purchase something that will withstand the use of multiple family members. In the case of a specifically designed item of exercise equipment it is important that you understand its purpose and limitations and that everyone wants to do what the unit had been designed for.

Go to a specialist fitness equipment store and test the fitness equipment

A specialist fitness equipment store should be able to offer a range of units. When you go to the store wear appropriate clothing so you can test the gym equipment properly.

Location & Space

Consider where you are going to site your single strength unit. Some of this workout equipment can be quite tall. A VKR (vertical knee raise) can be very tall and many feature a chinning bar. So you must also consider that your head will go above the bar when performing a chinning exercise. Will the ceiling height allow for this.

Strength Station Features

Upholstery Pads

Any good exercise equipment that has upholstery should offer well-padded, dense foam upholstery, that keeps its shape at all times. Check the stitching and the finish on the back of the pads. High quality upholstery won’t dry out, smell or crack with repeated use.


for frames made from heavy gauge steel as this will make the unit feel solid for a lifetime. Most specific strength units today use powder coated paint, which will prevent corrosion. Good powder coating should not crack when you tighten a bolt against it.


Any fitness equipment that has pivot joints, should also include bearings. Bearings reduce wear and tear and guarantee a smooth movement and longer life. SolidityIf you have ever used professional gym equipment you will have noticed how solid it feels when in use. That is because the fitness equipment is welded together. Generally speaking the more welds the more strength and stability. Single strength units have to have bolted pieces because they have to be delivered in boxes. However, rule of thumb, less bolts, less wobble.

Cables and Pulleys

If the unit has cables and pulleys they should have nylon or steel bearing pulleys rather than plastic. Cables that are plastic coated give a smoother feel and should have at least a test strain of 1000kg.