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Creatine Powders, Creatine Tablets

What is Creatine?

Creatine is a natural product, not a steroid and has no deadly side effects. It is derived from an amino acid manufactured in the liver, pancreas and kidneys. From there it is transported by the bloodstream to the muscles. More than 90% of Creatine is stored in the muscles with a small amount in the brain and heart. Put very simply, Creatine helps create energy through a complex chemical process in the muscle to provide the muscle with quicker muscle contraction. It also acts as a lactic acid buffer. Lactic acid is a chemical compound that builds up in the muscle and causes that tight burning feeling. The energy from Creatine is short lived which makes it only important for short, high intensity activities.

Creatine powders and Creatine tablets are available to be taken as a supplement.

Creatine can be taken as Creatine powder or Creatine tablets. What Creatine does has been described in detail above. Some Creatine supplements however have added ingredients to make it more effective. In standard formulations Creatine has to have a 'loading phase' where you take more in the first few days/weeks and then drop back to a maintenance dose.