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Nordic Track is an American manufacturer of high quality treadmills, strength equipment, exercise bikes, ellipticals and accessories. They are famous for their low impact equipment and of course their Nordic Ski machines.

Why Nordic Track?

Nordic Track have tried and tested products that are known for quality and longevity. If you're looking for Nordic Track Uk equipment we've got the perfect solution for you. View all of our products on our this page, they include the follow:


Renowned for having the most advanced technology within their treadmill systems. As well as their fitness app, iFIT which pairs seamlessly with their LCD touchscreen consoles and the web version. With adjustable treadmill cushioning systems, pre made training plans and incredibly powerful motors Nordic Track treadmills are perfect for any type of runner looking to enhance their fitness.

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Exercise Bikes

With both home and commercial grade equipment available to users you will find the perfect exercise bike to suit your budget and needs. Cycling is a great way to improve fitness and strength whilst remaining low impact on your body. Nordic Track Exercise Bikes offer great power, pedals to suit all needs, app pairing and ergonomic designs.

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Elliptical Cross Trainers

You can find the perfect elliptical cross trainers with NordicTrack thanks to their wide range of options. Cross trainers are a great way to get in shape and improve fitness, whilst being incredibly low impact. Their cross trainers are iFIt compatible and offer a wide range of customizability to suit your needs.

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Cable Machine

One of the most useful and versatile pieces of strength and fitness equipment are cable machines. The Nordic Track cable machine offers the perfect solution to your home gym. A high quality cable machine with a huge range of possible configurations to hit every body part you want.

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If you need a hand on helping find the perfect piece of fitness equipment for your gym get in contact with us.

History of NordicTrack

NordicTrack as we know it today was invited by Ed Pauls who had the idea whilst training for Nordic skiing in 1975. Ed was a cross country skier and whilst preparing for his upcoming season during a particularly cold winter came up with an idea. Whilst out preparing for his upcoming race he found himself jogging along a cold, dark and ice covered road, it is here he thought of the idea to build a machine that allowed him to train inside. Giving him the power to train whenever he needed to, not matter how bad the weather was.

Producing Fitness Equipment

Ed Pauls was a mechanical engineer by trade and had the qualifications and background to make his idea a reality. Roughly one and a half years of prototyping designs he finally produced the NordicTrack. After production begin he was ready to ship his first products to customers, with a large amount of his customer base being cross country skiers.

Rapid Growth

Ed was dedicated to the growth of NordicTrack and was rewarded with great success, quickly finding demand grow beyond supply. By 1988 NordicTrack had grown so popular Ed made the decision to sell the company to a large corporation that could manage the supply. This company was CML, Ed remained CEO for a few more years until his retirement.

Expanding Their Products

The original production of NordicTrack was in Chaska, Minnesota and reminded there even when CML took over the business in the late 1980s. However, it was expanded to start production in Glance and Belle Plaine Minnesota. By the 1990’s the NordicTrack was a must have product and one of America’s most popular fitness machines. To ride this wave of demand, they expanded further and started producing Motorised and non motorised treadmills, as well as Nordic Elliptical machines and weight training machines. As you can see from our large selection, they now cover almost every aspect of fitness machine.

NordicTrack Today

During the late the 1990’s NordicTrack found themselves within a saturated market and the name was sold on. iFIT is now the owner of Nordic Track and have improved on the offerings of the company. Increasing the product range but maintaining the high quality fitness equipment the name is related to.

NordicTrack Commercial Equipment and Accessories

NordicTrack Commercial fitness equipment and accessories are their sturdiest and must reliable products. Made for thousands of miles and movements, with high quality machinery they are one of the best options for commercial use. For more information on commercial use equipment get in contact with us.

NordicTrack Products

For more information on NordicTrack products, including Nordic Track Treadmills, NordicTrack rowing machines offer and much more, contact us. We also have a wide range of instore products to try before you buy.