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Weight Discs, Kettlebells

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Buyers Guide to Standard Weight Disc, Olympic Weight Discs and Kettlebells

There is no question that weight training has become tremendously popular. Men have always embraced it but now women have also realised its potential.

Why Do You Need Weigh Discs and Kettlebells?

Weight training is critical for almost every goal. From injury prevention and post rehabilitation to better sports performance and weight loss.

Why Weight Train?

However to achieve success from any weight training programme you must choose the right equipment and use it properly. The cheapest way to get started is with a selection of weight training discs and weight training bars. This method of weight training is as free weight training. It is the preferred choice of bodybuilders and serious weight trainers

Buying your Free Weight Training Fitness Equipment

The first thing to appreciate is that there are two types of free weight training bars and discs.

Standard Weight Training Bars & Discs

These are by far the most popular for home use. In the UK the diameter of the weight training bar and the hole in the disc is one inch (25.4mm). However there are one or two stores that sell the 30mm European weight training bars and discs. Keep in mind once you have bought that size you will only be able to get additional weight training discs from those stores, considerably limiting your ability to shop around or buy locally. Standard weight discs come in the following sizes 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg & 25kg. They are perfect for the beginner and intermediate weight trainer as most barbell bars will take up to 120-130kg. If you think you will be lifting more than that then look at buying Olympic weights and bars.

Olympic Weight Training Bars & Discs

With a two inch (50.8mm) diameter bar and disc hole these weight training bars and discs are bigger than their standard counter parts. Designed for the experienced and serious weight trainers. Olympic barbells start with a 250kg weight capacity and go up to 750kg. The Olympic discs have a starting weight of 1.25kg and then go up in similar.

Increments as the standard range but to a maximum weight of 50kg.

Both Standard and Olympic weight training bars and discs are avaliable in specific weights sets. Buying this way can be cheaper in the first instance but you may be buying weight discs that may be either too small or too large. You don't particularly want.

Weight Training Discs Explained

Cast Iron Weight Training Discs:

By far the most popular disc due to their low price compared to other discs. Available in both Standard and Olympic sizes.

Tri Grip/Bumper Grip Weight Training Discs:

Designed with hand held cut outs to help get a better grip on the disc and reduce the risk of dropping it. Can be cast iron or rubber coated. Rubber coated weight training discs prevent damage to the disc and the floor if dropped. Olympic size only.

Solid Rubber Weight Training Discs:

The most expensive weight training discs but are incredibly hard wearing. Also excellent at reducing damage to floors if dropped. Olympic size only.


Probably one of the oldest forms of weight training. A Kettlebell is a ball shaped weight with a handle on top of it. The original ones are solid cast iron but today they can come rubber coated and even adjustable. They usually have a starting weight of 2kg and go up to 40kg. You need to know how to use a Kettlebell to get the best out of it. But, there are so many exercises that you can perform that once you do you will find them enjoyable to use.