10 Fitness facts

10 Fitness facts

10 Fitness facts
  1. The average man exercises for 115 days per year for around 25-30 minutes at a time, which equates to two sessions a week. This sounds great, but when you actually add it all up it’s about 48 hours in total or just two whole days out of 365.

  2. Most men will find any excuse not to exercise and 95% admit to skipping a workout if there is some other activity to occupy them, such as watching TV or going to the pub.

  3. But 71% of men admit that they do not do enough exercise.

  4. However 69% of men think they are physically fit.

  5. In fact only 13% are physically fit.

  6. More that 50% of people who start an exercise programme give up in less than a year.

  7. 45% of people who buy cheap fitness equipment never use it.

  8. A survey has just found that when a man walks along a beach, 35% of women look at his abs, followed by 30% who eye up his chest.

  9. Heart disease is still the biggest killer but the most preventative.

  10. 100% of active people are healthier and fitter than non-active people.

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