A New Concept in Group Exercise Has Come to Fitness Options

A New Concept in Group Exercise Has Come to Fitness Options

A New Concept in Group Exercise Has Come to Fitness Options

A new concept in group exercise has just been launched in the UK after it has proved so successful in Europe.

The Nessfit Fitwalker is a mechanical treadmill designed for group exercise classes similar to the very popular spin bike classes.

It begins with an expert coach, Fitwalkers and people of all ages and fitness levels wondering what is coming next. The music starts and the group warms up with a gentle stroll and then the beat increases. Before long they are stepping to the side, crossing over feet, lifting their knees, repositioning their hands, carrying out just a few of the dozens of moves developed to increase balance, co-ordination and stamina. But what is really important they are having fun and all done to a motivating soundtrack.

Fitwalking started in Italy. It was designed with the sole intention of developing a class that no one was excluded, a class that the whole family can participate in together. It has proved a huge success in Europe with major health club chains and gyms in France, Spain, Italy and Norway running successful operations as well as far flung clubs in Romania and Nigeria.


A class is only as good as its instructor. That is why we dedicate a huge amount of resources to training. We can arrange full instruction at our showroom by UK instructors, either one to one or as a group. We will arrange for the Italian instructors to come over and take Master Classes. We can take you to a Fitwalker club and train you on site in an actual professional environment. If you like we can arrange for you to go over to Italy and train with the best.

Our goal is to develop extraordinary instructors that make participants want to come back again and again.

Please contact us for further details.


Can be used as a revenue stream in its own right.
Anyone can participate in a Fitwalker Class
The only group exercise class the whole family can do together
It will entice more of your existing members.
It will generate new members.

There are two models available, the Fitwalker Classic with manual elevation and the Fitwalker Advanced the only group treadmill with auto elevation.
It uses two large flywheels, which results in an exceptionally smooth and continuous motion.
The heavy double flywheels provide remarkable stability and eliminate tipping when doing advanced moves such as stepping on and off the Fitwalker.
Heavy-duty unobtrusive frame allows advanced moves to be performed safely.
The Fitwalker Advanced is the only group class treadmill with auto elevation.
The Fitwalker folds for storage and takes up less space than a spin bike.
No power source is required and is virtually maintenance free.
The Fitwalker Advanced was a finalist in the innovative fitness equipment category at the 2011 FIBO trade show in Germany.

Exclusive to Fitness Options
Purchase as few or as many as you like and we will always look at each order individually to provide you with the best price possible.

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