Are Family Gyms the Future?

Are Family Gyms the Future?

Are Family Gyms the Future?

Are the gyms of the future family gyms were the whole family could exercise together and spend time with each other?

It would certainly require a shift in the gym concept of today as they are not really set up to cater for a 5 year old but it is certainly something that needs to be considered seriously.

It worked for soccer. Football clubs in the 80s changed from attracting crowds of fanatical male supporters that bred tribal violence into family friendly stadiums that now attract supporters of all ages and sexes.

Originally gyms were male orientated. Spit and saw dust places catering for men who wanted to lift weights. Then by increasing the cardio equipment, softening the décor and making the establishment more up market women were attracted to the clubs. Now in the past few years young teenagers have been enticed with bright coloured equipment specifically designed to appeal and be less intimidating to the youngster. So it seems a natural progression that the next stage should be to cater for the whole family.

Gyms could become more social places where families can learn skills and about things such as movement and nutrition changing more into lifestyle centres than just clubs.

It is something for all gym owners to consider and no matter what size the club, from independent run establishments to leisure centres the opportunity is there, it just requires vision, nerve and a basic understanding of that old chest nut, health and safety.

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