Exercise and the Immune System

Over the years research has conclusively proved that exercise effect’s the immune system. Too much can lower it, making you susceptible to colds, flu and a general feeling of malaise. However regular exercise performed sensibly has the opposite effect, boosting your immune system and protecting you from a range of ailments.

No reputable person would claim that a diseased immune system could be repaired by exercise but moderate exercise will certainly sustain and strengthen it.

Below you will find a few immune system benefits exercise can bring.
Reduces Stress
Studies have shown that long-term stress has a harmful effect on the human body. Stressful people suffer more colds, stomach problems, headaches, fatigue (often caused by restless sleep) and muscle aches and pains. Exercise relieves stress. It provides an outlet for all that nervous energy. It releases endorphin’s that helps reduce pain and produce a feeling of euphoria. It also has a psychological effect, helping you focus away from the problems that are causing the stress and the improved body image associated with exercise leads to higher levels of confidence and relaxation in social situations, which in turn helps reduce stress further and enhance the immune system.

Strengthens the Cardiovascular System
By having a stronger cardiovascular system you will have improved blood flow. This will help flush toxins from muscle and organs and help keep the kidneys and endocrine system working well. It helps remove germs and circulate antibodies. All this results in a more resilient immune system that will help fight and avert diseases.

Increase Body Temperature.
With additional body heat, you can help the immune system take out bacteria and other disease-causing organisms.

Lowers the Risk of Colds
A study by the University of Colorado, Boulder suggests that moderate exercise helps prevent colds. It showed that a regular programme of moderate exercise reduced the onset of a cold compared with those that didn’t exercise.

The immune system is something we hardly ever think about, something we take for granted- until it goes wrong. When it does it may be nothing more than a sniffle or a sore throat. However it can also be something far more serious. So it pays to look after it and 30 minutes of exercise, three times a week is not a great commitment when compared to the rewards.

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