Exercise links to moods

Anyone who exercises regularly recognises the buzz you get after your workout. You feel better and more alive. Now a new study proves that exercise is directly linked to our moods and emotions.

Featuring in the Archives of Internal Medicine the article describes the results of 3000 patients that were involved in 40 random clinical trials.

The patients had various conditions including cancer, multiple sclerosis, heart disease and arthritis.

Of those studies were the patients were assigned exercise, 90 percent of them showed the patients had less anxiety, apprehension and nervousness. Overall of those patients that worked out regularly there was an average 20 percent reduction in anxiety symptoms than in those that did not.

The lead author of the study Matthew Herring a doctoral student in the department of kinesiology at the UGA College of Education, pointed out that their findings add to the growing body of evidence that exercise such as walking and weight lifting could be the best medicine doctors can prescribe.

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