Fitness equipment for kids

Fitness equipment for kids

Fitness equipment for kids

You only need to look in any school playground today and you will see some overweight kids. Study after study has reported on the inactivity and lack of exercise our kids undertake today and how its leading to record levels of childhood obesity.

Buying Fitness & Gym Equipment

You may therefore be thinking of buying your child exercise equipment to help them establish a healthy and active lifestyle - treadmills, exercise bikes, weights

If so you must keep in mind a few important points to make sure you make the right choices.

  • First of all it needs to be safe and stable to avoid any injuries.
  • It should always be used under adult supervision, for the same reason.
  • To make sure that they meet their fitness goals and continue to use the fitness equipment it need to be easy to use, or the child will soon get frustrated and bored.

This is definitely a case of ‘try before you buy’ as the equipment must fit and adapt to a child’s growing body.

Need help and advice?

Give the Fitness Options team a call on 0800 4580081 or email - we can advise you on the best equipment and what to look for.

Next Stages

Once you have the fitness equipment the second stage is making sure that the programme they embark on focuses on the need of that developing child. Weight loss at a young age should not be a primary goal – more important is a focus on behaviour change, proper diet, and regular exercise. Kids also need to drink plenty of water, and some sports drinks are more appropriate for adults than children.

If expensive exercise equipment is out of you budget a simple device such as a skipping rope can achieve wonders. Skipping improves overall health, develops eye coordination, burns calories and teaches balance and stability.

If you decide to buy anything for your kid, carefully examine the equipment and determine how it will fit within their total exercise programme. Make sure it is well made, stable, and safe for the child to use. Ensure that your kid is comfortable on the equipment, knows how to properly use it, and establishes a proper programme to guard against overuse and other injuries. The routine should also offer variety that will make exercising fun.

Visit our 5000 sq ft showroom in Nottingham and try before you buy. We have a range of equipment in store for you to try and speak to our experts to make sure what you are buying is right for your needs. Our job is not to sell you just any piece of equipment - we make sure everything is perfect for your needs.

Give the Fitness Options team a call on 0800 4580081 or email - we can advise you on the best equipment and what to look for.

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