Should you stop working out when sick?

Here are a few guidelines to determine whether you should continue to train when feeling a little under the weather.

These guidelines are for common illnesses such as a cold virus or a mild tummy bug and should not be used if you are suffering from a more serious condition. At the end of the day only you can make the decision to exercise or not but these guidelines will certainly point out when not to workout.

  1. Do not work out if you have a tummy bug, fever or chills. In these circumstances your body needs rest to recover. Working out could only prolong the illness.
  2. Do not work out in a social environment if you are contagious to others.
  3. Do not work out if you are suffering a chest infection or the illness ‘feels’ in your body, sometimes people described this as “It feels in my bones”
  4. You can work out if you feel you really need to, if you have a common cold that is past its worst. The rule of thumb is as long as the symptoms are above the neck and not too severer, symptoms such as a sore throat, blocked up or runny nose and sneezing. However no vigorous exercise, keep it light to moderate. Try cardio workout to raise your heart rate a little, you may find this will help you breath more easily.
  5. Do not over do it. You are working out to feel a little better not for fitness or competition.
  6. If you feel pain, dizziness or unwell STOP immediately.
  7. If you work out using fitness equipment, wipe the equipment down with a disinfected wipe, so not to spread your germs.
  8. For advice on working out with more serious or chronic conditions you must talk to your GP.

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