Smith machines

Smith machines

Smith machines

If you enjoy using free weights and want to continue to experience the feel of free weights but you want the safety of a multi gym then the Smith Machine is one of the safest self-spotting machines on the market.

Spotting is the term used for your training partner who is there to prevent the barbell dropping on to you if your arms suddenly give way. A Smith Machine has a mechanical built in spotter facility allowing you to workout with free weights without a partner.

Any exercise home gym review you come across on Smith Machines will tell you that current users consider them to be great as an all-purpose gym system for the home or office. Smith machines are designed to help you work out with confidence. They are designed so that your lifts are always safe and your form is always perfect.

They consist of a frame with two poles either side, which the barbell is attached to. This barbell slides up these poles in a vertical plane. Weight plates are loaded on either end of the barbell providing the resistance. Two hooks attached to the bar catch onto a series of pegs and lock the bar in position along any point of the range of motion, providing the added safety of a built-in spotter.

There are many accessories and options available for attaching to Smith Machines including a flat/incline/decline bench, which can be centred between the frame, chin up bar, dipping stations, pec dec’s and lat machines.
Smith machines vary in quality, some barbells are attached to the poles by nothing more than a plastic sleeve, however the better one will always offer linear bearings. Look for these if you want a really smooth feel.

No spotter? No problem. With the versatile Smith machine, you can safely push yourself to your limits for serious results during your exercise workout.

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