What makes a weight loss winner

What makes a weight loss winner

What makes a weight loss winner

It’s really tough to lose weight-and keep it off. Statistics suggest that 9 out of 10 people who go on a diet put the weight back on again, but that means 10% are successful.

How do they do it?

Research suggests that there are nine key habits that successful weight loss winners adopt. Whether they consciously adopt these habits or they naturally develop them is unknown, but all those people who were questioned had developed most, if not all of the habits below.


They walk.

Some had taken up cycling others aerobics but all of them walked more than they did before, up to a mile or two a day.


They rely on support.

They all had support from family, friends, neighbours or work colleagues. Most felt it would be almost impossible without this network to sustain them on a day-to-day basis.


They eat healthy food.

They know that exercise alone is not enough to slim down and stay slim and that healthy nutrition is essential. They become vigilant about everything they eat. They cook with little or no fat, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and eat lean meat and drink low calorie beverages.


They limit portion sizes.

They know that it is very easy to pile up their plates and that even too much of a good thing isn’t so good. They not only count the fat but also the calories over a whole day and not just each meal. They do not dismiss the calories in snacks and treats, so they never cheat themselves.


They are in tune with their emotions.

Weight loss winners know how to distinguish true hunger from feelings of anger, loneliness and fatigue. They don’t eat for comfort. If they feel low they adopt Habit 2 and talk to their supporters. They don’t wait until they are ravenous as they know that if they do they could empty the fridge or jump straight to dessert.


They face underlying issues.

Family and personal issues can sabotage success. For instance a partner may feel threatened by their other half’s new appearance and growing confidence. The successful slimmer doesn’t wait for it to fester but tackles it head on, showing determination, resolve but above all understanding.


They use behavioural strategies.

They shop with lists, plan their meals, eat slowly and store food out of site; they develop a new way of behaving on a day-to-day basis.


They recognise that weight management is for life.

They are under no illusion that the changes they are making to loose weight have to continue for the rest of their lives. To them the weight loss is not a quick fix.


They live for the present.

They do the things they want to do now. They don’t wait until they have lost a stone before they decide to take up a dance class or wait for the perfect figure before they go to the beach. They don’t use excuses but enjoy life today. If they remain positive they know that their ultimate goal will naturally follow.

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