Why are elliptical crosstrainers so popular?

Why are elliptical crosstrainers so popular?

Why are elliptical crosstrainers so popular?

This low impact total body workout with countless intensity levels is exactly what the older person requires, and in a society where those over the age of fifty will soon make up the majority of the population, these benefits are ideal.

Nearly every cardiovascular workout you perform will consist of some level of impact. Even treadmills with cushioned decks cannot eliminate this.

With age come aches and pains. For the regular exerciser who has been training for many years to be injury free, would be unusual. Therefore anything that reduces the stress on joints and muscles, as you get fit, is going to be popular.

The elliptical action follows the natural path of motion of the ankle, knee and hip, considerably reducing the pressure on this part of the body. The movement is smooth and continuous and there is never any pounding or tugging related to the exercise. Yet it is still load bearing, unlike an exercise bike, load bearing exercises are important to anyone with the onset of osteoporosis.

Working the whole body is a great way of burning calories and shaping your physique, yet the perceived exertion on an elliptical is less than on other equipment. So you are actually working harder - but without feeling it.

Finally, you will find quality elliptical trainers will require less maintenance than many other types of fitness equipment. With a non-impact exercise it’s not only your joints that get less hammering but the machine as well.

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